Exclusive dialogue with international star;

 “Shahram Pourassad”

“I am selective because of my unique taste.”

Exclusive dialogue with international star;          “Shahram Pourassad”

“I am selective because of my unique taste.”


Shahram Pourassad, the true gentleman, is one of the most classy and handsome artists.

While we were talking to him, we could see the transparency and honesty not only in his words but in his behavior.

Shahram Pourassad who was recently playing a major role in “Setayesh” series as “Mehdi Mozaffari” was able to gather all the families to watch the series with lots of excitement. Everyone was glued to TV and counting every single second to watch him in Setayesh.

We kindly offer and invite you to read the interview.

– You are well known as one of the politest and most handsome actors. What is the secret behind this?

This is very kind of you. It’s all about the culture and the right family atmosphere that I raised up in.

On the other hand you can see the same attitude in theater’s lovers. They must be on time at the stage.


– Where did you get the idea for “Setayesh” series?

In 1396, I’ve got a call from Mr. Zarinkoub’s office to play a role in “Setayesh” series. I respectfully requested the amount of time to read the scenario to give them the right answer.

– We’ve heard you have read the scenario and then you decided to accept the offer. What was the reason?

I always accept the leading role to send my meaningful message out to the audience and viewer.

– Are you a stunt performer too?

I always enjoy playing the most challenging role by myself as I have lots of respect for my viewer and audience. For sure, I get help from backstage when the time of need comes. They are all professional.

– What are you doing at the moment?


I am currently working on two dramas as the director and actor in one and only actor in the second one.

– Did you get lots of offer because of “Setayesh” series?

Yes, of course. It happened. But as I mentioned at the beginning, I do not accept every role.

– What is the reason behind this mentality?

My point is not showing off on TV. It’s all about art, talent, my respect towards the society and my gut feeling.

– Being selective as you mentioned, doesn’t hurt your family’s financial conditions?

Not at all. I am an architect too and loving it!

– Please tell us about your family;

I was born in an artistic family who never stopped me but encouraged me to make my dreams come true.

– Does your discipline affect your relationship with your wife and your daughter?

Discipline is a part of everyone’s personality. But can’t be a valid reason to be cold and luckily I have a loving relationship with my family. But my privacy is very important to me. It’s more than 15 years that I am married and have experienced an exceptional relationship with my wife and my daughter. I am proud to say, without my wife’s support I wouldn’t be able to be who I am now.

– What is your fun time with your family?

We love traveling, out of Iran including inside which we have visited %80 of our mother land.

– Do you help your wife at home?

I always do. Having said that, she is a great cook. But when we are on a trip, for sure I will.

– We talked about travelling, did you live in Germany? Any experience in photography? Right?

After graduating from high school, I decided to move to Germany to study one of my favorite fields in art which was photography.

My father was the professor in modern technology of photography including medical science photography and of course it played a major role in my dream.

I fell in love with music and my first experience was playing violin. Day by day, adding more musical instruments and classical singing inspired me with an awesome feeling.


– What is the most beautiful picture that you have photographed so far?

I have many and are going to be displayed at my upcoming exhibition in the near future.

– How about your involvement in Radio?

It was an amazing experience as I was transferring and expressing my feelings to the audience, using my words.

– Shahram Pourassad’s secret of being ageless;

Taking care of my health, being a family man and sport.

– Any message for people all around the world?

Health is the most precious and priceless God’s gift and I wish it for everyone.

– We wish Shahram Pourassad and his family, health, wealth and happiness!