Shahram Pourassad

Shahram Pourassad was born in Tehran/Iran on August 16,1968 in an artistic family.
Since he was a child, he started his artistic life in different fields of art such as photography, painting and music including playing classical and Iranian violin style under Master Ali Tajvidi, Master Farid Farjad and Master Davoud Ganjehi’s super vision who are globally well known composers.
As he was super talented and interested in art, he joined Tehran Symphony Orchestra for years while he was on training as an opera vocalist with Master Hossein Sarshar one of the most famous singers.
His father who was known as a popular and professional photographer in Iran, was Shahram’s first and strong motivation to study photography in Iran and Germany. All his hard work in Iran and Germany concluded to various successful exhibitions in 80s.Therefor he decided to stay in Germany to finish his cinema/theatre, music and photography academical courses to get to the professional level.
When Shahram came back to Iran, he continued his study in acting, theatre directing and architecture and got his master from Art University in Tehran.
In 1992 while he was studying in university, he played for the first time in “Last Identification” movie.
There was no limit in art for Shahram as it has been in his nature and his blood. He has been touched by the love of art. So, next to his successful artistic life, he joined radio and worked as an anchor.
Alongside his unique achievements, shining as star in art worldwide, Shahram Pourassad was recognized for International Prizes: “2012 USA Liv Ullamann Peace Award for starring in the Rooster Trademark Paper movie”, “2013 Montreal International Kids Film Festival” and “2013 Toronto International Kids Film Festival”
Shahram Pourassad is a family man, cares about children and respects elderly who truly believes “sharing is caring” and in “returning his achievements to the society and community” regardless of geographical location so he has been transferring his academical knowledge and experiences by teaching at Art University in Tehran and currently is working as an architect.

Honors and Awards

“The Rooster Trademark Paper” won a special prize at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival